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Who we are and how we got here!

ABOUT US  Ours is a true love story I'd like to share with you . . .  after 10 years of marriage, I was 6 months separated and swore I would never remarry!  I had a great job as an office manager at a prestigious firm in Tysons Corner - northern Virginia and two young children.  But I had to get away for a while, so I joined my brother in the Caribbean islands, where he was traveling for a scuba dive.  My children were with their father for the holidays, and this would be my first time without them!

I met my future husband Bruce in Bonaire on Christmas Day, he was there on work and my brother invited him to Christmas dinner at the Hotel Bonaire, where we were all staying.  After sharing a special Christmastime meal, 2 days later we had fallen in love, knew we were soul mates, and must have been best friends in a past life ... within 4 months I quit my job, packed up my house and children, and moved tor New Orleans and never looked back. We were married in 1982! It was hard on the EX, but the kids got to see them, and eventually we "all" grew up! In 1978, with my mother's passing, I inherited her beautiful white Spanish shawl from one of her travels.  Her love for beautiful shawls seemed to stick with me somehow, and in 2000 she would show me why! 

Bruce and I were planning our first trip to Jamaica during a cold mid January in 2000.  I knew I would need a swimsuit cover-up, but even in our beach town, I couldn't find much of anything, so I settled for a black sarong I found at a department store - figuring it would go with anything I packed.

When we returned, we figured if I couldn't find anything in Virginia Beach to take with me on a vacation, then what about the ladies who lived elsewhere - so it became an easy decision to start a company that sold swimsuit cover-ups, and we also carried shawls, stoles and Pashminas.  So one month later in February of 2000, we formed Caribbean Wraps International! 

 Somehow through our journey together, during another travel to the Caribbean, we found brides carrying huge garment bags with their wedding gowns inside.  They were trying to stuff the bags in the overhead compartments, and were so frustrated.  We had just left St. Martin on this one particular trip and it was 94 degrees, and all I wanted to wear was cotton or a sarong to keep cool.  Here these brides were going to be wearing a big heavy gown, and their guy would be all covered up in a tux and shoes for their destination beach wedding!  How crazy is that!  So when I returned, I started designing beach wedding sarongs - seemed practical to us!

Here we are as 2009 starts a new year, and not only do we sell my designs and custom made accessories world-wide, but we also create dream beach wedding ceremony sites, offer wedding planning, creative wedding photography, as well as videography! We are blessed to now own a wedding chapel with seating for 60!  As each door has opened when a Bride and Groom believed in us and valued our services and talents, we gladly stepped through that door to be part of their special day!  Our North American Home Office base of operations is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where all worldwide internet orders are processed.


With our awesome family support of our grown children Brian, Sarah and Madeleine,  we utilize a unique age group for our design team ideas, including friends and past customers, tapping into opinions of real world problems women face when trying to find clothes to fit. Thus, the sarong wrap concept just makes the most sense to accommodate all body types.

LICENSING  We are Licensed to do business in Virginia Beach and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Dunn & Bradstreet, and the Federal Trade Commission.  We contract with suppliers throughout the world to bring you my unique "free spirit" designs OR we we sew them here at the Beach.


Click here to See a photo of our Tiki Hut Booth at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront World Fest 2002 when we first started!

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Founders, Bruce and Victoria


Victoria at the Mass Wedding Omni Hotel Valentine's Day 2004!

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