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 Enjoy client's destination wedding pages as they tie the knot around the world -- send in your photos and be featured! Thank you for choosing Caribbean Wraps International designs!

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2011 Weddings

Joe and Kaci's Destination Beach Wedding in Negril, Jamaica ... Wearing the White Silk Set. August 2010 New!

Tory and Debra's Destination Beach Wedding in Runaway Bay, Jamaica... Wearing the White Cotton Halter Set, Groom is wearing the Michael shirt and white drawstring pants. February 2011 New!

2010 Weddings

Kelly and Shawnda's Destination Beach Wedding in Virginia Beach, VA... Wearing the White Silk Dupioni. Attendant wearing the yellow satin set. July 2010.

Donny and Carmen's Outdoor Wedding in Republican City, Nebraska... Wearing the White Silk. Attendants wearing Seascape border sarongs. July 2010.

Joe and Pam's Destination Beach Wedding in Madeira Beach, FL... Wearing the Sarah. August 21, 2010.

Glenn and Cindy's Destination Wedding in Masonville, NY... Wearing the Madeleine. July 2010.

Paul and Kimberly's Destination Beach Wedding in Negril, Jamaica... Wearing the Hilde in Silk. July 2010

Russ and Jennifer's Destination Beach Wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico... Wearing the White Silk, Attendants wearing Seascape border sarongs. March 2009

Daryl and Danielle's Destination Beach Wedding in Ft. Lauderdale, FL ... Wearing the Summer Silk. March 2010.

2009 Weddings

Mark and Lesley's Destination Beach Wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica ... Wearing the White Silk and accessories. November 16, 2009. New!

Jamie and Jason's Destination Beach Wedding in St. John, USVI ... Wearing the White Silk. November 27, 2009.

Rich and Kim's Ocho Rios, Jamaica Beach Wedding... Wearing the Madeleine. October 14, 2009.

Nicholas and Taruna...Wearing the Madeleine. May 9, 2009.

Gary and Angela... Wearing the White Silk. June 24, 2009.

Jim and Pam... Wearing the White Silk. September 12, 2009.

Dustin and Jessica ... Wearing the White Silk. Attendants wearing sarongs. September 4 2009.

Ange in Australia... "Parasols have arrived, they are stunning, I love them. thank you so much for all your help" September 29 2009.

Tim and Alison's Peyia, Cyprus Wedding... Wearing the Hilde in Silk. August 2009.

Matthew and Deanna's Virginia Beach, VA Wedding... Wearing the Hilde in Rayon. August 2009.

David and Paige's Honolulu, HI Beach Wedding... Wearing the White Silk Set. September 2008.

Trevor and Natalie's Destination Beach Wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica ... Wearing the Hilde in Rayon. January 2009.

Lou and Joanne's Little Palm Island, FL Beach Wedding... Wearing the Hilde in Silk. May 2009.

Rodney and Suzanne's Virginia Beach Wedding... Wearing the Madeleine. May 2009.

Jonathan and Motomi's Virginia Beach Wedding... Wearing the Madeleine. May 2009.

California Birthday Party... wearing the Hawaiian shirts. March 2009

2007 and 2008 Weddings

Michael and Darlene's Jamaica Beach Wedding... wearing the Victoria. April 2007. 

Scott and Kim's Jamaica Beach Wedding... wearing the Madeleine. April 2008.

Paul and Karen's Rocky Point, Mexico Beach Wedding... Wearing the Sarah. Attendants wearing semi sheers. 2008

Emilia's Destination Beach Wedding... wearing the Victoria. Summer 2008.

Stuart and Hannah's Kapulua Bay Beach Wedding in Maui, HI... Wearing the Silk Charmeuse. November 2008

Carly's Destination Beach Wedding... Flowers by Victoria. 2008.

Rachelle and Randy's Beach Wedding in Antigua, West Indies ... wearing the Madeleine. November 2007.

 Kim's Outdoor Wedding in Alberta, Canada... wearing the White Silk and semi sheers. July 2008.

Caity and Lee's Lake Anna Garden Wedding... wearing the Madeleine. September 2008.

Sonia and Carlo's Mauritius Beach Wedding ... wearing the Hilde. September 2007.

Kathy and John Thornton's Ft Story, VA Beach Wedding ... wearing the White Silk and tropical sarong sets. October 2007.

Caroline's Maldives Beach Wedding... wearing the White Silk.  January 2008 New!

Maxine's Negril Jamaica Beach wedding Aug 2008

Brittany's Mexico Beach wedding .... featuring our white paper parasols tinted around the edges ... July 2007

"Just wanted to let you know that the white parasols and white fans I ordered arrived safely yesterday. We are delighted with them. Our daughter is getting married on March 1st in our garden and they will be perfect. Many thanks!" D. Vagg  Australia

Dawn and Steve's Summer Wedding .... wearing the Summery Silk .. 2007

Mark and Bari's Jamaica beach wedding ... wearing the Sarah. Spring 2007

Heidi and Harold's Spring 2007 wedding in Jamaica. .. wearing the Hilde in Silk and accessories. Spring 2007

Sarah's Beach Wedding in Antigua ... wearing the Silk Charmeuse Set and accessories.  November 2006.

Kim and Greg's Beach Wedding in Kill Devil Hills, NC ... wearing the Hilde in Silk set.  August 2007 

Leslie's Outdoor Wedding ... wearing the Sarah. August 2007

Robin's Outdoor Wedding ... wearing the Hilde in Silk. Attendants are wearing the coral flower tropical print sets. Summer 2007.

Anjanette's Outdoor Wedding ... wearing the Hilde in Silk. 2007. 

Mamie's Outdoor Wedding ... wearing the Madeleine. 2007. 

Carleen's Beach Wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica ... wearing the Sarah. June 2007

Renee and Daniel's Beach Wedding in Grand Cayman, Smith's Cove ... wearing the Hilde in White Rayon. December 2006

Julie's Beach Wedding in Tamarindo, Costa Rica ... wearing the Hilde in Silk. January 2007. 

2006 Weddings

Jenn and Russ' Beach Wedding in Magen's Bay Beach, St. Thomas ... bride wearing the Hilde in White Rayon, bridal party wearing shorter versions of the Hilde, men wearing white rayon drawstring pants.  December 2006.  

Gretchen's Beach Vow Renewal ... attendants wearing satin sets. 2006/2007. 

Eugenia's Outdoor Wedding ... wearing the Sarah. 2006/2007.

 Joy's Beach Wedding ... wearing the Bali Wedding Set. 2006.

Tommy and Erika's Virginia Beach Wedding ... wearing the Sarah. Attendants wearing semi sheers.  August 2006. 

Scott and Doo's Myrtle Beach Wedding .... wearing the Madeleine.  March 2006 

Ricky and LaVern's Saint Marten Wedding ... wearing the Bali Wedding Sarong September 2006

Chris and Kim's Beach Wedding in Aruba... wearing the Summery Silk.  Mother is wearing layered semi sheers.  2006.

Karen and Pete from Vancleave, Mississippi  ... wearing the Butter Yellow Satin, daughter wearing the white satin sarong set.  July 2006

Tim and Cindy's Kapalua Bay, Maui wedding...wearing the Hilde.  April 2006

Paul and Debbie's Vow Renewal... wearing the Sarah.  May 2006 

Paul and Debbie from Florida... wearing the Sarah.  May 2005

Emiko and Josh from Arkansas...wearing the Sarah. September 2006

Erin and Jay from Illinois... Maid of Honor and mother of the bride wearing the satin charmeuse sets in aqua.  September 2006

Tammy and Dave's Beach Wedding in Caye Caulker, Belize... wearing the Sarah. Husband is wearing the Michael.  Summer 2006

Kimberly from Ohio...wearing the Sarah. August 2006.

Jenny from Honeydew, South Africa...wearing the Sarah. 2006.   

Marissa and David from Dunbar, West Virginia...wearing the Hilde in Silk. March 2006. 

Stacy and DJ's Backyard Oregon Wedding...wearing the Bali bridal white sarongs. August 2006.  

Mike and Dixie's Virginia Beach Wedding... wearing the Hilde in Silk. Attendants are wearing the semi sheers.  August 2006. 

Darragh's Destination Wedding... wearing the Hilde in Silk.  June 2006. 

Ana from the Outer Banks, North Carolina - their Manteo Island Waterfront Wedding... wearing the Sarah. Husband is wearing the Michael.  May 20th, 2006.  

Danielle and Lawrence's Beach Wedding in Jamaica...wearing the Madeleine. June 2006. 

Marisol and Scott's Virginia Beach Wedding...bride is wearing the Victoria, attendants are wearing the semi sheer sarongs.  August 2006. 

Kristen and Shane from Texas...wearing the Silk Shantung (modified by bride) and attendants are wearing our semi sheer sarongs.  August 2006.

Tonya and Lawrence's Bahamas Wedding...wearing the Bali Lace set.  Matron of honor is wearing hot pink semi sheer. May 2006. 

Trish's Beach Wedding on Cayman Island... wearing the Hilde in White Rayon. May 2006.

Joanna and Mike from from St. Joseph, MO... wearing the Sarah. June 2006  

Zena and Kevin's Beach Wedding in St John... wearing the Hilde in White rayon sarong. July 2006. 

Tanya from Raleigh, North Carolina .. wearing the Hilde in rayon. April 2006

Cindy's Maui Beach Wedding ...wearing the Hilde in White Rayon.  February 6, 2006

Cindy and Kevin's Beach Wedding in Cuba... Wearing the Hilde in White Rayon. Early 2006

2005 Weddings

Charlene and Tim from Massachusetts... wearing the Hilde in White Rayon. November 2005.  

Bonnie's Beach Wedding in Negril, Jamaica...wearing the Lisa Ann in silk.   October  2005

Michael and Teresa's Wedding in Cateries, St. Lucia ... wearing the Madeleine.  September  2005

Liz and George's Wedding on Cove Island Beach in Stamford, CT...wearing the Sarah.  August 2005

Jennifer's Vow Renewal on the Southern Coast of Jamaica ...wearing the Madeleine January 2005

Bridgett's Wedding in Waikoloa, Hawaii on Anaeho'omalu Bay...Wearing the Hilde in White Rayon. October 2005 

Kate and Jason's Beach Wedding in Indian Shores, FL...wearing the Hilde in White Rayon  November 2005 

Donna's Beach Wedding in Negril, Jamaica...wearing the Victoria.  July 2005

Janet's Beach Wedding in Galveston, Texas ... Bride is wearing the Hilde in silk. September 10, 2005

Buffy and Keoni's Park Wedding in Sacramento, CA ...wearing the Hilde in Silk August 2005

Sherri's Beach Wedding in Jamaica  ...Wearing the white rayon gauze set.  Summer 2005

Brooke's Beach Wedding in Costa Rica ...wearing the Sarah.  June 2005

Karen and Robert's Virginia Beach Wedding ... Wearing the Sarah. October 2005

Kathy and David's Vow Renewal in Ocho Rios, Jamaica ... wearing the Madeleine. October 2005

Sally and Richard's Virginia Beach Wedding ...wearing the Summery Silk. October 2005

Yolande and Chris' Cayman Island Wedding...wearing the Sarah.  August 2005

Dawn and Kenny's Vow Renewal in Jamaica ... wearing the Hilde in Silk. Summer 2005

Christy and Justin's Summer 2005 Outdoor Wedding... Wearing the Silk Shantung. Summer 2005

Leslie's Richmond Virginia Tropical theme wedding ...bridal party in semi sheers and guys in sarongs.  September 2005 

Kathy's Maui Beach Wedding ...wearing the Hilde in White Rayon.  September 2005

Terri's St. Lucia Beach Wedding! ...wearing the Sarah.  September 2005

Michelle's Park Wedding in McCall Idaho ...wearing the Madeleine.  July 2005  

Brenda's Virginia Beach Backyard Hawaiian Wedding ...bridal party wearing sarong sets.  July 2005

Marilyn's Beach Wedding   ...wearing the Hilde in White Rayon. August 2005 

Debbie and Bob's Virginia Beach Wedding...wearing the Madeleine August 2005 

Lee & Sheila from Roanoke Rapids, NC ...wearing the Sarah July 15 2005 

Teresa and Bob from Pennsylvania
...wearing the Hilde in Silk. July 2005 

Josephine from New York  ... wearing the Victoria  May 2005

Christie from Ohio ...wearing the Summery Silk. June 2005


Jeanne's Beach Wedding in Punta Cana  Dominican Republic ...wearing the Victoria. March 12, 2005

Brooks' from Oklahoma ...wearing the Sarah. May 2005

Michelle from  Minnesota 
...wearing the Hilde in White Rayon.  May 2005

Nancy and Steve from Virginia Beach ...wearing the Blue Celtic tattoo sarongs sewed as a set.  March 2005 

Ivette and Richard from Brooklyn ...wearing the Madeleine.  April 7 2005 

Nicole's from Rochester, NY Wedding  ...wearing the Rita  April 2, 2005

Lisa's Beach Wedding in St. Thomas V.I ...wearing the Summery Silk.  January 2005

Blanca and Terry's Outdoor Wedding in Orlando, FL ...Wearing the Sarah.  January 2005

Kim's Beach Wedding in Barbados ...wearing the Summery Silk.  January 15, 2005

2004 Weddings

Kasey and Jason's Beach Wedding in Bermuda...wearing the Summery SilkNovember 16, 2004

Sharon's Beach Wedding in Cozumel ...wearing the Sarah August 6, 2004

Nina's Beach Wedding in Antigua ...wearing the Victoria.   November 2004

Leighann's Vow Renewal in Negril, Jamaica...wearing the Rita.  December 17, 2004

Peggy's Honeymoon in Hawaii ...wearing the Hilde in white Rayon.  December 2004

Donna and Wayne from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada ...wearing the Hilde in Rayon.  November 2004

Denise from Texas ...wearing the Catherine in White.  October 2004

Coleen & Jorge from Florida ...wearing the Madeleine.  August 2004

Mindy and Steve from Ohio ...wearing the Louise.  August 2004

Kim and Paul in Jamaica...wearing the Sarah.  July 2004

Hollie's Cap Juluca Wedding in Anguilla...wearing the Rita.  Summer 2004

Cassie and Ben's Jamaican Wedding... wearing the Sarah.  Summer 2004

Robyn and Michael's Maui Beach Wedding ...wearing the Madeleine.  2004

Ken and Kathleen ...wearing the Madeleine. 2004

Peggy and Troy from Louisville, KY ... wearing the Madeleine  May 2004

Angela and David from Apex, N.C....wearing the Victoria  May 2004

Scott and Nicole's 5 Year Renewal Ceremony in St. Lucia ...wearing the Sarah April 2004

Liana's beach wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica ...wearing the Sarah.  May 2004

Laura and Bill from Kanab Utah ...wearing the Summery Silk.  May 2004

Carmen and Steve from Loveland Ohio ...wearing the Rita April 2004

Patti and Greg's Turks & Caicos Wedding ...wearing the Madeleine April 29, 2004

Betty in Birmingham, Michigan  ...wearing the Lisa Ann in Silk. March 23, 2004

Lisa in Columbus, Ohio ...wearing the Sarah.  March 2004

Cathie in Wyoming ...wearing the Sarah.  April 2004

Connie and Dave from Connecticut ...wearing the Rita.  March 2004

Stacy in Wisconsin ...wearing the Rita.  February 9 2004

2003 Weddings

Sarah and Daniel's Beach Wedding in Jamaica at Sandals, Montego Bay!  ...wearing the Rita.  Dec 2003

Robin's Fiji Beach Wedding! ...wearing the Sarah.  October 2003

Sharlene and Scott's Beach Wedding...wearing the Madeleine.  November 2003

Cathy and Scott's Beach Wedding ...wearing the Madeleine.  October 13, 2003

Zein and Andy's Beach Wedding ...wearing the Caribbean Fringe Wrap. September 2003   

Dina and Lance from Georgia ...wearing the Marie.  June 29, 2003 

Kristen and Matt from Michigan ...wearing the Lisa Ann in SilkSeptember 2003

Sarah in New Jersey ...bridal party wearing semi sheer sarongs.  July 2003

Kim from New York ...paper parasols.   May 2003

Susan from Alabama...bridal party wearing semi sheer sarongs.  May 2003

Harshad and Nyasha in traditional Indian wedding attire  April 2003

Mahyun and his Bride in traditional  wedding costume in Bali, Indonesia  May 2003

Kim's vow renewal ceremony...wearing Italian semi sheers.  June 2003

Nikki and Chris from Maryland ...wearing the Madeleine and the Lady in Red.  August 2003

Margie and Mike's back yard wedding  ...wearing the Lisa in Lace.  July 2003

Lillian from New York has the island wedding of her dreams!  The sarong was a splash!  July 2003

Rhonda's Beach Wedding at Sandal's Gazebo in Montego Bay  . . . Rhonda and Doug from Indiana .. "Your Jewelry was positively beautiful! I am so happy you recommended the jewelry because it really does make it! I am extremely happy, talk to you soon!  July 2003

Mr. and Mrs. Jones' ...wearing the Caribbean Fringe Wrap.  July 2003

Marianne from Louisiana ...wearing the Sarah.

Angela from Illinois ... wearing the Sarah.

Gail and Frank ...wearing the Sarah.  April 2003

Lisa in the Carolinas ...wearing the Lisa in Lace.  March 2003

Julie in South Carolina  ... wearing the SarahSeptember 2002  **OUR FIRST WEDDING PHOTO COUPLE SENT IN**

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