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If you're wearing Swarovski Crystal, Sterling Silver and/or 14kt gold you're in style year round, every year.  These timeless creations will never go out of style!

What is Swarovski Austrian Crystal? Swarovski Crystal in this writer's opinion is simply the most elegant crystal on earth that can adorn the human body, male or female!   Swarovski crystal is known in the fashion industry as 'avante garde' for evening wear, day wear, and sportswear, and is an industry trend setter for crystal faceted stones and transfers providing highlights in profusion, light and fantasy.

What is the Gold Bond Process All About?  You may see the word "PermaGold or Gold Bond" next to some of our chains and charms.  The manufacturer's process permanently bonds real 14 karat gold to an inner base of quality diamond cut jewelers' metal, which makes the chains more affordable for you, stronger as well as chip resistant and tarnish free.  This is the same as Gold Overlay.

Why does the Sterling have an antiqued or aged look? Why is there black in the crevices?  To develop that unique look, a solution is added to each piece which oxidizes or "antiques" the jewelry. The process will eventually fade and the jewelry will appear less black.  To prolong the antique look, don't wear your sterling silver in the shower and do not clean with silver cleaner polish and water.  Instead, we suggest using a jewelry cloth. Don't pull chains through the cloth, but rub clean. Caribbean Wraps International will be happy to re-oxidize your jewelry for a nominal fee ( $2 + shipping or you can send a padded SASE).

How Do I Care For My Sterling Silver? A precious metal that is meant to be worn and when it isn't, keep your sterling in your pouch that you will receive with your purchase.  Otherwise, you can use any type of ziploc sealing bag. Polishing cloths available from us, see link above for Sunshine.

Allergies & Sensitivity to Earrings & Metals.  For this reason, we try NOT to use any nickel or brass findings. Most people with nickel allergies cannot wear plated jewelry. As an alternative for you, we offer surgical stainless steel ear wires and studs with earring backs that have surgical stainless steel that touches your ear or a rubber back.

Nickel Free Metals.  Fine Sterling Silver has no nickel, which makes it very desirable. Typically stamped .925 because fine silver is made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.   Anything less than .925 could be coin silver, nickel silver, silver plated brass. Nickel silver or low quality silver alloys may turn green. 14kt yellow gold is usually 58% pure Gold, 25% pure Silver, and 17% pure Copper.

What is a Finding? Findings are a term that refers to all those little jewelry components like jump rings, end caps, clasps, etc.

*For more detailed information you can visit Rings & Things on the Internet, where we got a lot of this information.