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Katherine's Maui Beach Wedding

August  2005

Katherine is wearing the Hilde in White rayon with a white bathing suit underneath.  Katherine is also wearing our white satin garter and our 3 floral hair comb set.

"Hi and Aloha! My name is Katherine and I ordered a sarong set from you nice people before my Maui Beach Wedding. At 45 years old I was happy that I could wear it as bare , or not, as I chose.  It was a breathtaking ensemble with seashell garter, sarong pins, and "barefoot sandals"   I chose to wear no liner either top or bottom , and opted instead to fold them strategically to cover me.  At the last moment my sarong clip broke, that I had ordered from another company.  Fortunately I had ordered the Sarong booklet from you , and had also learned to tie a formal sarong knot...it saved me. I cannot thank you enough for helping to make our wedding so very memorable.  Everyone though thought the sarong set was breathtaking....I couldn't agree more.  A very pleased, new Mrs. Kathy Tank Feel free to use an of the photos on your site. Kathy


From Kathy before she sent in her photos: Thank you all so much for the GORGEOUS Hilde sarong/wrap you sent. It truly exceeds all of my expectations. As I will be wearing it with quite a bit of midriff showing, I will need a shawl or a suitable item to go around me for the dinner, after our wedding, what would you recommend?  I cannot wait for my fiance to finally see it.  I will be wearing it with no sheers, but wrapped over a bit, to shorten, and with a white bikini underneath sarong and wrap.  I will happily , joyfully send pictures of the ceremony, I just hope I can do this beautiful set, justice. Very warmest regards, Kathy, Quail Valley CA

More from Kathy: Thank you My Friends again for your wonderful service.  The order I placed for the beaded wrap and the sarong pins and hair accessories came today....they are all beautiful!!!  The flower sarong pins match perfectly, the white flowered hair combs set!  The beaded wrap is gorgeous!!! What a steal at that price! It all came beautifully and carefully packaged, and I cannot thank you enough. I will send pictures, can't wait to see it all put together! You are the best.  Warmest regards, Kathy, Quail Valley CA

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