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Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel


Mike and Dixie's Beach Wedding

in Virginia Beach, VA on the sand at 13th Street

August 6, 2006


"After the big kiss - I was laughing because people had gathered along the boardwalk.  When we kissed, they began cheering."


  • The bride, Dixie, is wearing the Hilde in Silk with the light pink semi sheer set underneath with a Mother of Pearl heart sarong tie.

  • Dixie's sister, Mary Louise; is wearing two hot pink semi sheers layered over a white semi sheer. 

  • Victoria (the owner/designer) wrapped her before the wedding, and folded her top into a triangle top.

  • In the picture above, the couple is wearing the matching parrot shirt and sarong.

  • The younger girls are wearing the wine Batik semi sheers layered over hot pink semi sheers.

  • The bouquets carried were custom made for Dixie and her bridal party by Victoria.

  • The steel drum band is One Love.

What a beautiful new family, with a touching love story.

"Our wedding was on the sand at 13th Street, Virginia Beach; Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 4 p.m.  Our reception was a dinner cruise on Virginia's Jewel.

Our love story - Mike and I worked together at a local public accounting firm for 6 years.  As life sometimes happens, both of our marriages ended during that time.  Our friendship began to grow stronger and we started dating.  I made the choice to leave public accounting and went to work for a local community bank.  We dated for two years and took our time letting our kids get to know each other and each of us. 

Mike proposed to me unexpectedly on February 4, 2006 at the top of the Washington Monument.  It was a rainy, gloomy day; definitely not the best for sightseeing.  As we were looking out one of the little windows, he said, "I have something that will brighten the rest of your day."  He pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and opened it.  Inside was a pair of beautiful diamond earrings.  My heart stopped.  I have to admit I didn't know what to think.  I thought maybe he was giving me an early Valentine's Day present; I didn't want to assume he was proposing.  Then he said the magic words, "Will you marry me?"  Of course, I said, "Yes!" immediately.  He then told me he hadn't dared to try to pick out a ring for me.  A month or so later, we found the perfect ring for us and our relationship - a three stone diamond ring.  I know the stones are meant to represent past, present and future.  However, for us, they represent his kids, my kids and us.

Our wedding day was unforgettable!  We had beautiful weather (okay, maybe the sand was a little hot on bare feet but no rain in sight!).  The steel drum band added such a nice touch to the ceremony.  The kids were a big part of the ceremony.  Mike's kids walked him in and mine walked me in.  The girls were adorable in their bright pink sarongs.  The boys were quite handsome in their white polos and khaki shorts.  After Mike and I exchanged vows and were pronounced husband and wife, we began the Family Ceremony.  He presented my kids with Family Medallion pendants and I presented his with the same.  Then they presented each of us with a Family Medallion keychain.  They all walked out with us at the end of the ceremony.  Whenever we reflect on the day, we refer to it as "our wedding" and "when we got married," not just Mike and me.  It was a beautiful day and turned out exactly as I had hoped it would.

Now, I am truly blessed that I am married to my best friend.

Mike and Dixie
Timberville, VA

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