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Alternative ways to wear the Caribbean Bridal Wrap™ or any of our sarongs is the Caribbean Plunge™

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the Sarah plunging neckline with scarf topthe Sarah back necklinethe Sarah Plunging Neckline

See More: click here to see Lisa take the plunge!

Would you like to achieve the plunging neckline Jennifer Lopez and other Hollywood stars are wearing? Here's our version - which looks great as a dress or as a top:

Step 1

 Take a full size pareo and open it all the way, taking a corner in each hand (wide part is held horizontally)


Step 2

Fold in half - holding by your thumbs and index fingers you will have a fold in your left hand and two loose ends in your right


Step 3

Bring both sides together (right & left) until your hands meet, you will join the left & right together and make a knot - securely tighten and then open up and you should see two arm holes, the knot in the center - then slip your arms through like a robe and bring edges of sarong to the front, above photos we gathered to hug waistline and pinned with flower sarong pin


Step 4 (making a top)

sorry we don't have a photo - but just pull the bottom of the sarong up to your waist and make a knot, looks great with tube top underneath or wear a scarf!




*take note:  this basic halter back knot works with most full and half size sarong wraps - with wraps that have fringe on both ends, when you fold the ends together you will actually be tying fringe to fringe - our bridal wraps have the fringe on the bottom hem only, so the fringe hangs down - notice on right photo there is no fringe to knot! Get it?