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 What is a Sarong? Pareo or beach cover-up, sarongs  are a finished piece of fabric approximately 5-6 feet in length, some with hand knotted end fringe and some with a sewn hem.  Islanders in the South Pacific have treasured this simple, practical yet most comfortable piece of clothing one can wear.

Daytime ~ Night Time ~ Any Time

I wrap mine around as a mid-calf or ankle length skirt with a sarong tie in the center. Add t-shirt plus jewelry and you can dress up or dress down for the day.

Near the Water?

Wear as a swimsuit cover-up around your hips or tie above the bust.  Sarongs also make a beautiful sun dress.

After Work ....

The work clothes come off and the sarong comes on, it is just that simple!

Other Uses.... We discovered a beautiful Mahogany Sarong Hanger that is hand carved on the island of Lombok near Bali.   Drape your sarong through the opening and hang as a window curtain or wall hanging. See Sarong Accessories

 Flat on the floor, the sarong doubles as a perfect yoga or exercise mat.   But also consider a sarong as a unique table cloth....couch throw....pet blanket....even fly one as a kite! You are only limited to your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

HOW TO TIE  You can tie your sarong around your hips, around your bust or knot around your neck. Tying instructions included. ALL SARONGS SHOULD BE HAND WASHED FIRST TIME TO MAKE SURE DYE HAS SET AND WON'T RUN. This is normal! LINE OR MACHINE DRY.  AFTER THAT YOU CAN MACHINE WASH WITH LIKE COLORS AND MACHINE OR LINE DRY.

NOTE  Most sarongs are hand batik or stamped as well as hand knotted fringe (unless specified).  Literally hours of work go into making just one beautiful sarong.  Any imperfections you might find are proof that they are unique and one of a kind. sometimes you might find side pin holes, that is from the screening process and not a defect.