Anjanette's Outdoor Wedding


hi maddie,

i attempted to send this email to the sales address and to Victoria's address but they failed.

i ordered the sarongs i wore to my wedding through your site and LOVED them! i thought i would attach a few pictures to show you how i decided to wear them.

i ordered 2 of the sheer sarong sets (in sunset and turquoise) and the hilde in silk. i had a friend sew the ends of the sunset and turquoise top portion of the sheer sets together. this basically made one very long top piece using the 2 colors. i'm very large busted and cannot go without wearing a bra. i wore a convertible bra and removed one of the straps and made it into a halter bra (the "Hollywood Extreme" from Frederick's of Hollywood). i placed the section of the sheer tops that had been sewn together directly behind my neck and brought the long pieces around front. using a needle and thread, my sister stitched the sheer sarong onto my bra along the sides and partially under the cup (along the under wire). she did this on both sides. then, i took the long piece that hung down on my left side and, going right, wrapped it around my midsection. my sister made another stitch attaching the top corner of that piece to the bottom of my bra. then, we took the long piece that hung down on my right side and, going left, wrapped it around my midsection. the top corner of that piece was stitched to the other piece of the sarong that was now wrapped underneath.


the last thing i did with the sheer sarong tops was to tuck the fabric along the top of each bra cup into the cup. if i had a little extra time, i would have made another stitch along the top of the cup to secure those pieces in place. i would have also had my sister make a stitch to secure the turquoise piece to the back of my bra (in the picture of my backside, you can see it peeking out a little).

then i took the top piece of the hilde and wrapped that around my bust and tied it in the back. i used the sarong broach set i purchased to secure the silk sarong to the tops of my bra.

for the skirt, i wore the turquoise bottom under the hilde bottom and allowed some of the turquoise to go over the top of the hilde. i tied it in a knot to one side.

i've attached a picture and will send 2 more to follow in separate emails. hopefully with the pictures, this wild description will make sense. i looked through your website at all of the different ways to tie the top, looked at pictures at how other brides had done their tops,

Anjanette is wearing the Hilde in Silk Bridal Wrap with both the sunset two piece semi sheer set and the tropical blue semi sheers underneath.

She created her own style by wrapping the sheers together as if they were one piece (but are two) and they resemble a halter top.  The superstole is just wrapped around her bust and tied in the back, while the front  is pinned to the sheers.

We're hoping to receive more photos!



 but nothing seemed to be quite what i was looking for. i wanted to be able to wrap the hilde across my front and have the long pieces billowing out behind me. but i also needed to be able to wear a bra and a halter seemed like the best option (strapless just doesn't work for me). i also didn't want my belly showing. tying the 2 sheers sewn together and the one silk in this fashion was the best option i was able to come up with. i tested out lots of different ways to tie them and this was the best, by far.

i just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful sarongs and to share my experiences with them.

many thanks!


Thank you for choosing Caribbean Wraps International to be part of your special day, it was our honor!

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