Beach Weddings

 Practical advice for a beach bride! For more detailed information, please visit our Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel website!

by Victoria Begault 2008 *this checklist is copyrighted

Wedding Gowns, Dresses, and Wedding Sarongs .....If you are going to worry about your beautiful floor length gown with sweeping cathedral train getting dirty, please don't wear this style for your beach wedding!  Any gown dragging on the beach will pick up sand, ultimately collecting a dirty black ring on the inside and bottom hemline. There are so many beautiful shorter length options for brides to wear, including our unique and elegant wedding sarongs made from beautiful fabrics that are light and airy and EZ to pack!  Choose from handkerchief draping tea length to ankle length sarong styles - they are the perfect answer for the beach bride. If a sarong is not for you, then by all means, choose tea length light chiffon dress NOT a heavy gown.  Most of the wedding gowns have so many heavy layers that the air cannot circulate around your body to keep you cool.

Wedding Veils ..... As beautiful as veils are, on any windy day, the veil will either blow in your face, into your groom's face or blow straight back, driving you crazy during your wedding ceremony.  However, veils are so much fun to photograph, so I recommend wearing your veil low on the back of your head,  If it does blow up, just hold it down with one hand or have your maid of honor hold it for you.  A couple very small weights might well be the answer attached at veil hemline! 

Wedding Hair styles .... Hair that hangs down in soft curls can be so pretty, but be sure to wear a hair flower or jeweled hair pins and use hair spray to keep those beautiful curls from blowing into your face - on a very hot day, the long hair can stick to the back of your neck, and you'll wish you had put it up in a fresh twist or up do.  Or, those beautiful locks will blow across your face, known to ruin many pictures!

Wedding Foot Wear ....  save your beautiful heeled shoes for your reception, and wear decorated white flip flops, flat sandals that are clear or silver, or wear a barefoot sandal.  Following the ceremony, slip into your "Just Married" imprint flip flops that should be pre-staged by your ceremony arch - bride and groom simply slip into them for their fun walk down to the beach - these make great photographs!