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Beautiful wedding sarongs that look like a wedding dress, but in a wrap sarong style.  We have chosen fabrics that from casual to elegant silks - fabrics that are light and airy, easy to pack !  Our beach Wedding dress sarongs won't drag in the sand unless you want them to!  Petite to Plus size brides enjoy my wonderful soft and flowing fabrics that create an effortless handkerchief hemline! Add a splash of color with your under layer from my Caribbean inspired Seascape Border sarong collection!  Dress your attendants in our custom made beach wedding dress sarong sets!

Best of all, with the sarong wrap concept, you can gain or lose weight and not worry about needing alterations when the big day arrives, giving you the freedom and flexibility of the ever changing waistline! You can also wear your wedding sarong again and again - add red underneath and wear it during the holidays or pick your favorite color and wear it out on your birthday dinner! Below are sketches that represent what the sarong and scarf tops look like opened.

Wedding sarong styles ... 

  • Sarongs  a generous 64 inch width - 40 to 44 inches long --  you need approximately 6 to 8 inches on each side to allow for knotting  - think wrap skirt!  Most styles are hemmed, two styles have fringe -- Allowing for handkerchief draping, my Rule of thumb is 1.5 times the size of your waist.

  • Scarf Tops   Triangle OR  Super Stole Scarf Tops -  My scarves wrap around your bust and tie in the back - you can usually wear a strapless bra - and if careful or with help, you can tie the back of the scarf under and over your back bra band.    IF you prefer a fitted bodice with sewn in bra cups, and a more formal look, then please visit my Couture Collection -- The FABRIC AND STYLE chart below lists the different styles -- visit the Bridal Shoppe or Sarong Gallery to select your favorite style!

  • About the tropical colors seen under our wraps ...  The colors you see underneath the sarongs and scarf tops are from my Seascape Border Collection - these sarongs are Optional and do not come with the Caribbean Bridal Wrap sarong set.  You can wrap your sarong and simply pin it closed OR you can add one of our sarong / scarf buckles to secure your layers together (recommended) - you can wrap it low to show off your waist or you can wrap it high for a more formal look - either way will create the beautiful handkerchief hemline that is so popular with our brides!

Super Stole Scarf 2 Piece Sets Triangle Scarf 2 Piece Sets   couture Fitted Bodice 2 Piece Sets Full Size Sarong 2 PIECE SETS -CASUAL Traditional Gown or Dress
the Hilde, the Sarah, the Madeleine, Linen, Silk/Linen collection the Sarah

Silk, Satin or Linen Collection**

Victoria Collection

*sample separates available

Bali Collection - rayon - hand painted & solids Seascape Border 2 piece bride's slip set Victoria Collection** close out sample
  Seascape Border Collection    
        Black Stone Swirl  

Styles than can be customized for you - either shorter or larger have an ** next to the style name

Which style is best for your body type?


  • Triangle Scarf  - wear pointed end up or down -- if you see a style where the point is up, it is secured by my neck choker, provides some bust support (best for busts size 38 and smaller) - this style ties low back - showing off most of your back - some styles we can custom make the triangle scarf larger for bust sizes larger than size 40

    Triangle pointing down - ties mid back area -- fits petites to plus (up to size 16) small busts * if you have trouble keep this style up, try:  pin ribbons to the top and tie behind your neck, use double stick tape or sew top to a strapless bra

  • Super Stole Scarf -is so versatile that it fits and flatters most body types - works exceptionally well with most bust sizes - and when wrapped front to back & knotted, you create a medium length scarf train in the back - If you are small busted you will need a little help keeping it up - so wear a strapless bra, buy double stick tape, or accessorize with ribbon or we can make straps for you - so that you can pin it to the neckline to keep it up - usually 12 x 115 inches long

  • Rectangular scarf wraps -  Usually 15x64 inches long - soon to be replaced by the Super Stole Scarf

  • Fitted halter bodices -   custom made front bodice is custom made to your measurements - allow up to 12 weeks sometimes longer for delivery - sarongs are also made to order

ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS:  I love accentuating beautiful fabrics with beadwork, embroidery and fringe.  All tropical colors worn underneath most of the White bridal wraps seen throughout my catalog are all OPTIONAL  from my "Seascape Border" collection - variety of colors and some colors are available as 2 piece sets for the bridal wraps.  These are very popular for the bridal party to wear -- Below our maternity bride is wearing the Hilde and her bridesmaids are wearing a combination of seascape border sarongs folded in half to make scarf tops, and combined with rayon hand painted sarongs from Bali - they also added the seascape border sarongs underneath! They all joined their sarong layers with sarong shell ties - found at this link!  We have instructional Mini CD Roms  available that demonstrate tying techniques!

Most Frequently Asked Question - What do  I wear under your bridal wrap designs?  We suggest our  2 piece semi sheer set that comes with a bust wrap and a sheer sarong -- these two pieces are perfect as your undergarments - under those - well I leave it up to you - thong panties, silky tap pants, or nothing at all !

Thank you for choosing my designs for your special day!

 I so appreciate all your phone calls, conversations and emails we have had throughout the years, as it is from YOU the ~ Bride to Be ~ that I have learned to design for the Free Spirit in You!

Victoria, designer

Beach Wedding Dresses with sarong style flair  designs by Victoria from the Caribbean Bridal Wrap Collection