Caroline's Kuredu Island, Maldives Beach Wedding

"Hi Maddie, Thanks for reminding me to email the photos! I kept meaning to do it but you know what it's like! We had our wedding on Kuredu Island in the beautiful Maldives and the sarong set was so perfect for the place! I couldn't have worn a dress in such an informal setting and this was ideal and really beautiful. It even encouraged my husband Michael to wear a Maldivian sarong as well and it looked really good!
Our ceremony was on January 25th 2008. I also wore the Caribbean necklace, bracelet and anklet and that was stunning.
A lot of people asked me where I got the outfit from and the girls at the Spa who helped me get ready on the island said they had never seen anything like that and all commented on how simple yet beautiful it was. One of them even took pictures on her own camera! 
Thank you for creating such unique designs and also for all your help ordering things from the UK. 
Let me know if you want more pics. 
All the best 

Design note: Caroline wore our super stole body scarf and sarong in the White Silk Charmeuse - any of our super stole designs will create this look!

Caroline's Beach Wedding