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Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel


Dawn and Kenny's Jamaican Vow Renewal in Jamaica

August 2005

Leonard and his mother walking down the isle

Leonard walking his mother down the isle    Dawn and her husband

Everyone together with great color coordination!

What a great couple! Dawn and her new husband look so happy with their renewed vows!

The entire bridal party

Dawn looks so fabulous in the Hilde, and the bridesmaids look beautiful in the hibiscus sets.  The color coordination worked out perfectly with the turquoise sheers, Dawn's bouquet, her dad's shirt and L'Oreal's outfit!

The blue hibiscus set is looks beautiful and flattering on Twila!

Lesa in the blue hibiscus set. Beautiful!

Staci in the  blue hibiscus set lookg great!

L'Oreal wearing the blue paisley sarongs. What an awesome look!

Kaitlyn with her own little wrap creation of the Madeleine set and the turquoise set.  What a cool idea! She looks beautiful!

Dawn, is wearing the Hilde in Silk with the turquoise semi sheer set underneath. The three bridesmaids (photos in this column), Twila, Lesa, and Staci are wearing the St. Lucia blue hibiscus sets with the turquoise semi sheers underneath.  Twila had extra material added to her sarong by Victoria so she would feel more comfortable in the wrap.

 Dawn's daughter, L'Oreal, is wearing the Italian Blue Paisley sheer sarongs (one on top, one on bottom) as a set with the turquoise semi sheer set sarong underneath her Italian sarong, and the bustino top wrapped around her head as a headband.  Her other daughter, Kaitlyn, is wearing the turquoise semi sheer set underneath the Madeleine 2 piece set from last summer's collection.

"I'll give a brief description of each person in the pictures...
1.  My son Leonard walking me down the isle.
2.  My husband and myself.
3.  My son Leonard, my dad Frazier, my husband and myself, Twila, Lesa, Staci and my daughters L'Oreal and Kaitlyn.
4.  My husband and myself again!!
5.  Us again!!
6.  Everyone listed in #3 this time including my mom Doris
Maddie, with your help everything worked out perfectly.  I was more beautiful than I could have imagined and the color coordination was on point.  Everyone was just amazed at how it was perfect for the location.  More brides should consider you guys when doing a beach wedding.  I'm not sure who worked with Twila, but she was extremely pleased when you added more material to her sarong.
I had the "Hilde" in silk.  My daughter L'Oreal had the blue paisley flower sarong (top & bottom) and the turquise bustino around her head.  My daughter Kaitlyn had the Madeline discounted set and the turquoise bustino set (she made her own little creation as you can tell in the picture!!) Twila, Lesa and Staci had the amazing Blue Hibuscus set.
You and Victoria did an excellent job!!  I wish you and the Company continued success.  Thanks so much again!!  We had a wonderful time and everyone at the resort was amazed!!  I will recommend All you need to Wear to anyone considering a tropical wedding.

Thank you for choosing Caribbean Wraps International!

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