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Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel


Erin and Jay's Bridal Shower in IL

on August 12, 2006

and their Beach Wedding in Negril, Jamaica

at the Club Riu Resort

on September 5, 2006

"Just for your enjoyment, here are pics of the shower my fiancee and I held for Erin and Jay on Aug 12, 2006. We tried for a Jamaican/Island theme to give all those unable to swing a trip to Negril a feel for what the couple would be experiencing. We had a traditional shower at the Rosiclare Antique Mall, followed by a reception/party at my fiancee's home on the Ohio River in Elizabethtown.

Reima and Heather are both wearing our Satin Charmeuse Sets  in aqua with the superstoles.  The bride is wearing a regular wedding gown.  They all look gorgeous!

 Here, I cooked curry shrimp, garlic butter saffron rice with pine nuts, mango kiwi, etc fruit salad, and he grilled jerk chicken. I also set up a bar on his front porch overlooking the river. I served FREE Jamaican rum punch, mixed drinks, etc. In the 2 weeks prior to the shower, Buddy and I installed deck lighting, hung tons of decor, and even planted tiki torches for effect! Parenthood is the most wonderful gift God can hand out. I get more joy from making my children feel special than I do from anything else on earth!

Thank you for allowing me to share all these wonderful memories!


"When I stumbled upon your site in an exhaustive attempt to find just the right clothing for the Maid of Honor (my youngest daughter, Heather) and myself (The mother of the bride, Reima) to wear, the Bride to be, (my eldest, Erin), was amazed and delighted! She had already purchased her wedding gown, but she was adamant that Heather and I wear your sarongs!

The wedding took place September 5th, 2006 on the beach in Negril, Jamaica at the Club Riu Resort, the newest in the town. We stayed from the 3rd until the 10th. What makes our trip special, as well as moving, is the motivation. My mother, Sheila, took all three of my children to Negril on a vacation during my Senior year in College. She said I needed the study time. At the time, I was sorry I couldn't go, but the straight A average I graduated with was proof that she was, once again, right! That year, Erin (the bride) was in 8th grade.

On September 28, 2000, my mother, my best friend, the best grandmother ever placed on earth, was taken from us via cancer.

Erin chose Negril for her nuptuals as a testament to my mother's love, caring heart, ever-present influence, and respect. It was a beautiful week, perfect wedding, she wore my Mom's pearls, and your sarongs were a part of a day that will stay in my family's hearts forever. Heather and I wrapped each other's super stoles several ways...several times...amid laughter at each result, until we decided on the designs you see in the attached photos.

Thank you for being there for us!


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