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Cultured Freshwater Pearl Choker and Earrings


White Lotus Deep Lustre Cultured Freshwater Strand of Pearls - Earrings hang on on sterling silver french wire

  • #040705P Rice Shaped oval Pearls

  • Choker $42.95

  • Choker with cluster pearl earrings $61.95


Cluster bead pearl closure facing front - you can turn this around to the back and have your typical strand of pearls *Grade A pearls

freshwater Grade A pearls

Grading Pearl Quality

  • A Grade - Extremely well-shaped, white, high luster, very minor surface blemishes

  • B Grade - Well-shaped to light cream, high luster, minor surface blemishes

  • C Grade - Irregular shape, off-white, medium luster (may be non-uniform)

  • D Grade - Same as C grade, but one or more of the characteristics are lacking (such as areas of no luster or wrinkled surfaces)

  • F Grade - For promotional purposes only, not suitable for jewelry

  • #3040705PV Potato Shaped Pearls

  • Choker with glass bead spacers $42.95


  • Choker and earrings $61.95 **Grade A pearls


glass bead spacers give the illusion that the pearls are floating on your neck