Jenn and Russ' Beach Wedding

in Magen's Bay Beach, St. Thomas

December 1, 2006

"Victoria - I am so sorry that it took so long for us to get these to you.  We have had an miserable experience with the photographer and ended up with only about 15 professional pictures.  Everything else we have are all pictures we took ourselves!  Thank god the wedding, the island and our wraps were absolutely breathtaking as it made it all worthwhile.

I wanted to write something for you to post on the testimonial page and I spent a lot of time trying to word it  so everyone would know just how amazing both you and your wraps are.  It occurred to me after several hours of looking at photos and remembering my experience when I came to your showroom, that there are no words sometimes to convey one's gratitude and appreciation.  Simply stated, you made our wedding day more beautiful than we ever imagined. Each time we watch our video or show our photos to friends and family we think not only of the incredible storybook wedding that we had, but that you made all that possible.  Even though you were not in St. Thomas with us, it was as though you were right there with your kind words of encouragement and all your creativity, not to mention your "disaster plan" just in case there were any unforeseen problems....  You have no idea what you have contributed not only to our wedding day but to our memories that will last a lifetime!  Thank you could never be enough, yet it cannot go without being said.

My name is Jenn and my husband Russ and I were married on Magen's Bay Beach, St. Thomas on December 1, 2006.  We were planning our fairytale wedding.  A beautiful island, palm trees,  pristine white sand, teal water so clear that not only could you see every shell and fish in the water, but it sparkled in such a way that the rays of sunshine looked like little diamonds bouncing off the water.  What could be more romantic and perfect than that?  The PERFECT WEDDING DRESS!  That was the only thing missing at the time.  After going to dozens of stores and hundreds of websites to find my wedding dress I was becoming increasingly disheartened and terrified that I was never going to find "The Dress" of my dreams.  It was purely by accident that I found your website.  I was actually doing a search on bathing suit wraps and an angel must have been sitting on my shoulder...   As I started looking at your wraps all of the excitement about the wedding came flooding back.  I called everyone I could think of and sent them all the link to your site.  I sat at my computer desk in absolute amazement that our wedding really was going to be perfect.  My phone was ringing off the hook with all my family members calling as they too were on your site!

I sent an email to ask some questions and within hours I had received a reply from Victoria. Amongst all of the information she gave me, she also suggested that I could come to the showroom and see all of the wraps and have what essentially was a dress fitting.  We live in New Jersey and the showroom is in Virginia Beach.  I ordered a few items to get an idea and made an appointment.  I drove to Virginia Beach on a Saturday morning to meet with Victoria and was almost an hour late after getting a speeding ticket in Delaware! (Ironically, the speeding ticket cost more that my bridal sarong...  :)      Once in the showroom, I felt like I was home.  The showroom was cozy and welcoming and had Caribbean music playing softly in the background.  Everywhere your eye could see there were bridal wraps - one more beautiful than the next , hand made head pieces, silk floral arrangements, every bridal accessory imaginable!  I tried on so many wraps and semi sheers as well to see what color I wanted my mother and daughter to wear under their wraps.  Victoria took pictures for me with my camera so I would have them for my wedding album (and to take pictures of the different ways to tie the sarong in case I forgot once I got home!! )  We chatted like we had known each other a lifetime.  Victoria has a wonderful way of putting you at ease and taking her time with you which was so important to me.  The Hilde in rayon was even more exquisite in person, which I did not think was possible.  Victoria showed me several different ways to tie it to get the different looks you see on the website.  I chose a white nylon bridal set for underneath my wrap. Just when I thought that all was perfect in the world - Victoria, yet again, had another brilliant idea !

Apparently, there had been some extra Hilde wraps (the bottom parts) which had no superstole with them.  How many of you know that Victoria is an amazing seamstress as well?  She had taken the extra skirts and made a "modified Hilde" out of them.  By modified, it is a short version of my wedding wrap.  This was the absolute icing on the wedding cake so to speak.  I had been in a panic about what to have daughter and mother wear for the ceremony.  What better than to have them wear a shorter version of my beautiful wrap??! 


   We chose the hot pink semi sheers for underneath their wraps.  Next problem....  The hot pink set did not come as a 2 piece semi sheer, only as a long one piece.  Victoria to the rescue again!  She made some alterations and turned them into 2 piece sets and we had the beauty of the seascape border on both top and bottom!  I wanted to have my wrap different from any other.  Even though the Hilde sells out every time it is in and many other brides have worn it down the aisle, we all want our dress to be the only one of its kind.  My Hilde was on backorder initially so while I waited, ever so impatiently... once back in New Jersey, I went to the local craft and fabric stores and found beautiful pearlized sequins and white baby seed beads. I also had gotten just a handful of baby blue seed beads and scattered them about as my husbands shirt for the ceremony was cream and baby blue.  Once my Hilde arrived - on schedule as Victoria had promised,  I sewed a seed bead onto a sequin and placed them in the center of each embroidered flower on my wrap. I then found beautiful swarovski rhinestones in a 3 - 4 mm size and purchased a heat setter for $14.99 in Michael's craft store.  I placed a swarovski rhinestone at the If any of you have seen the Hilde, there is a tremendous amount of embroidery at the bottom of the wrap and on the front panel of the super stole.  It was time consuming, it took me almost 6 weeks to put all the rhinestones and beads on as I am no seamstress, but once it was done, it was breathtaking. The sun on the beach the morning we got married made the rhinestones and beads on my wrap twinkle like stars in a night sky.  I also purchased an extra modified Hilde so I could use the top as my shawl.  I had placed beads, sequins and rhinestones on this as well.  Having been married once before 16 years earlier and having paid over $1000.00 dollars for my gown the first time, I could not believe the magnificence of my Bridal Sarong and how nothing I ever imagined could have compared to it.  I also paid under $200.00 for it, including my addition of glitz and glimmer, my shawl and my bridal set for underneath the wrap.  My mother and daughter looked amazing in their wraps too!!  We were stopped by everyone at the hotel, at the beach after the ceremony and everywhere else we went that day and received compliment after compliment on our wraps.  I truly felt like a princess!  The wedding coordinator had my husband facing the ocean while I walked down the aisle they made of tropical flowers and shells.  He wasn't allowed to turn around until I was there behind him.  The look on his face when he turned around and saw me is a memory I will cherish forever!  Victoria also was instrumental in the men's attire for the ceremony as well.  My husband wanted to stay casual and comfortable yet wedding like.  He loved the material that the Hilde was made of and kept saying he wished there were pants like that.  Once again, ask and you shall receive!  Victoria had just gotten in her first order of men's elastic waist rayon pants!  Could all this be true?  Absolutely! With the help of Caribbean Wraps!  My husband, son and best man were the FIRST to wear CWI'S men's pants.  We did take them to a local alteration shop to have elastic put in at the ankles so that the guys could pull the pant legs up when they were near the water without having to stop and cuff and also it gave the pants a more flowing beach like look.  The material that the wraps and pants are made of are like wearing a cloud.  They were light and airy and flowed like the breezes on the beach.  The wraps and pants are unlike any other bridal attire in that you will wear them again and again....  How many of us have been in wedding after wedding and all those bridesmaids dresses and suits sit in the closet never to be worn again?  Not with these!  My husband wears the pants out for both casual and more formal affairs and even as lounge pants around the house.  With my wrap, I can change the whole look by folding the skirt in half to make it a short skirt set as well as having the option of a halter style top or a strapless top.  The possibilities are endless.

Victoria was instrumental as well with our ceremony.  We were looking for ways to lengthen our ceremony and wanted to add all those little personalized touches to make it our own.  We had already decided on a Unity Sand Ceremony with engraved vases.  I see on the site now Victoria, that you are now offering the unity sand ceremony - how wonderful !!  We are hoping maybe we contributed in some small way to your being able to offer that to your customers now as we had such a hard time finding it when we were going crazy looking.  CWI also does set ups and weddings in the Virginia Beach area and Victoria had some wonderful ideas for ceremony additions for us.

Jenn is wearing the Hilde in White Rayon Bridal Wrap with the white nylon two piece set.

Her mother and daughter are wearing a shorter version of the Hilde in White Rayon with the hot pink semi sheers underneath..

The guys are wearing our rayon drawstring pants (they modified them with elastic at the bottom).

They all look so awesome!!!

  She offered us sea biscuits that she often uses as a way to make a wish to the sea after the wedding.  We purchased the biscuits from her and made up little passage about making a wish for the bride and groom.  Since we were so outside the traditional wedding, we did not want confetti or rice throwing so we instead, incorporated Victoria's wish to the sea after the minister pronounced us married.  Everyone made a good luck wish for us and kissed their sea biscuit and tossed it into the ocean.  We had purchased enough biscuits so that we had another one for everyone in attendance to save as a keepsake.  We placed the biscuit in an organza bag with a starfish, sand dollar and pink tellin shells with a hand made tag with our names and the date.  They were beautiful and even the minister who performed our ceremony thought it was a wonderful addition the service and said he had never seen that before.  Our wedding was so special and had so many personal touches. Our bouquets were all seashells.  The boutonnieres were shells that looked like a single rose bud, my tiara was all seashells and freshwater pearls.  We had "bottomless sandals" made of shells as well as shell jewelry.  Our invitations were on aged parchment paper that was rolled into a scroll and placed in a glass bottle with shells and sand and mailed out as messages in a bottle. Even our cake was seashells ! We could not have had anything so unique without you Victoria.  We can never thank you enough for all that you did for us and for making our wedding day something we smile about every day and  our most beautiful memory - the day we chose to share our lives together, forever!       Thank you so very much !   Also, a gigantic "Thank You" as well to Maddie who handled all of the orders for us and had it all packaged and shipped perfectly.  Our wraps were all perfectly folded and inside a large drawstring organza bag.  It made the traveling on the plane incredibly easy and without any of the nerve racking terror of having to put a big gown in the baggage compartment to get lost or damaged.  We all had our wraps in out carry on bags.  Everything we needed for the ceremony was in the carry on bags as well.  If our luggage was lost - we were fine with that because all of the wedding essentials were right there with us.  I was so happy not to be one of those poor brides who looked ready to either cry or have a heart attack while waiting for her wedding dress to come down the baggage carousel.  My entire experience with Victoria, Maddie and Caribbean Wraps was flawless, uniquely personal, exceptional and everlasting !  I would recommend CWI to anyone who wants the wedding experience of a lifetime.  Victoria, you provided us with "the total package" from start to finish.  Even that great tip for the wedding night gown was awesome!  My husband is your friend for life !  Even the outfits I bought off the $5.00 rack looked incredible on and got compliments from everyone.  The versatility is amazing ! 

I hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope in some way they can reflect the true beauty of your wraps and the versatility of the men's pants.  A picture certainly is worth a thousand words and a lifetime of cherished memories ! 

 Thanks again and again !

Jenn & Russ

Thank you for choosing Caribbean Wraps International to be part of your special day, it was our honor!

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