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Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel


Sharon's Beach Wedding

In Cozumel, Mexico ~ August 6, 2004

"The sarongs were a complete hit.  We received all kinds of whistles, cat calls (from those a far).  I was a wonderful evening I will never forget. Thanks again for making my day unforgettable.  I felt like a queen.  To put a great twist to this, I remarried my ex-husband, and the 2 girls are our daughters.  Before we left for Cozumel we tried on the sarongs tying in different ways, etc.  That's how we came up with tying hers as a tube top.  Thanks again, just talking about it and looking at the pictures again, brings back all of the fun and warm feelings that the whole event caused."

The whole family together again!

Sharon looking great with her beautiful daughters        Sharon's husband looking great with his beautiful daughters


Sharon is wearing the Sarah Caribbean Bridal Wrap with the sunset coral semi sheer underneath.  Her two daughters are wearing the Marie in Blush - the one on the left is using the stole as a tube top with the fringe hanging down, and the daughter on the right is using the triangle scarf top.  Sharon's husband is wearing the Brian Tropical Men's shirt.

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