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Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel


Tommy and Erika's Virginia Beach Wedding

Married August 5, 2006

at Fort Story 

Tommy and Erika decided to rent 12 of our tiki torches with our palm mats and palm plants.  They also rented 8 chairs.  Erika, the bride, is wearing our Sarah Caribbean Bridal Wrap with the tangerine two piece semi sheer set underneath.

 The ladies are wearing our full size semi sheers in bright blue semi sheers (with the top wrapped as a triangle) and the the royal blue ombre semi sheers with the tangerine semi sheer sarong underneath.


Thank you so much for all of your help with the wedding. I was so laid back about the wedding because I knew from meeting you and speaking with you that everything would be taken care of... that everything would be perfect. The sarong's were gorgeous... the decorations were gorgeous... everything was GORGEOUS!!! Tommy and I were thrilled with the sarongs and with the decorations, then when you and your husband gave us a gift... that really touched us. It made us feel like you weren't just concerned about "making money"... you and your husband cared about us... cared about our first day as a new family. Thank you for everything!!!


Tommy & Erika

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