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Unity Sand Ceremony Verse Script

As Marriage is a partnership, a love for one another, to be kind and to cherish each moment you spend together. Place that person's happiness above yours, not to always be right, but to listen and accept the possibilities, to share the joys and challenges of life, and so you join together!

Be sure to include children in your sand ceremony - choose family size small bottles!

You have my permission to print this verse and use for YOUR PERSONAL sand ceremony - otherwise this verse is copyright protected and NOT allowed to be reproduced for commercial use on any website or by any wedding planners or wedding officiants or the like.

Bride and groom join their different color sand together into the main vessel bottle - blending and joining the families together!  Two heart shape corked bottles contain the bride and groom's sand, the main vessel bottle comes with the beautiful glass top stopper.  Also available are smaller heart shape bottles for including family members (see below).  This beautiful ceremony will add a special element to your beach ceremony - these beautiful bottles from Spain are just the right size and shape so as to not be fragile for travel and packing.  Your main bottle will become a beautiful accent reminder of your special day!  Then, use your smaller heart bottles as a flower vase or whatever you wish!  This replaces the unity candle.

The Unity Sand Ceremony would take place before the VOW and Ring Exchange as follows:

The following is read first, and then the couple each pour their sand at the same time into the main bottle - if family members participate, they would follow after the couple have finished.


Bride's Name _______________ Groom's Name _____________

On this day as you pledge your love by joining your lives together

by the sharing of your Wedding VOWS and exchanging your Wedding Rings

Each bottle of sand you hold in your hand symbolizes your life before this moment

All that you are today and all that you will become together

As you join the grains of sand into one vessel, your lives will never be the

same from this moment on - your affirmation of love joins your heart and souls

together as the sand will now be blended forever as you start your new life

adventure together as one.

Family Ceremony Ideas - small heart shape bottle on the right is perfect for children and parents - each person can have their own special heart bottle for the ceremony and then keep it after the ceremony!

Child's / Children's Name/s _____________________________

On this day you share in the most special moment of the joining of your lives together as one family.  The sand you hold in your hand symbolizes your life before this moment - and your importance as your new family life begins - the blending of your sand signifies the commitment of your new family as you love and support each other while you enjoy the blessings life has to offer.

Copyright Verse written by Victoria and Maddie Begault, Caribbean Wraps International Feb 2007 - 2009